The Teaching Dream

Teaching is an honorable profession, but with long hours and little recognition why on Earth would someone want to become a teacher? It certainly wouldn’t be for the pay. My reason is simple. I was given a gift to make people laugh and smile. If I want to dissect this genetically, my mother is a caring, compassionate, always-help-others-first kind of woman. Being a nurse and a mother of two, she is a busy woman, but she isn’t a complainer. She is a helper and always there for you. My father on the other hand is the most intelligent, hard working man I have ever seen. He is also a jokester, which I certainly inherited that trait to maximum capacity. Overall, I embody a perfect hybrid of both my parents. Sometimes I wish I inherited more of that intelligence my father possesses, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers. What does this have to do with teaching? The traits that I described are what I firmly believe every teacher should be. Throughout my life people would always tell me “You would make an excellent teacher” and “Students will love you!”. My teaching background started when I was in high school teaching swim lessons to children. Children have always loved me for my enthusiasm, humor, and goofyness. I just had a natural knack for instructing and never knew it.  I never knew I wanted to become a teacher until after a mid-college career path crisis. After three years of sleepness nights as an engineering major I had enough. I knew I wanted to be something different and that’s when everything clicked. That’s when my dream to become a teacher was born. I want to be a teacher to make an impact on student’s lives (in a positive way of course). I believe my purpose on this planet is to help others and make people smile. If there is one thing I’m good at it’s definitely that. Why waste a gift?


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