Assessments can be fun!

For all you teachers, soon to be teachers, or presenters out there, I came across one magnificent app/website. In a brief explanation, this website allows someone to create polling questions and using any device (tablet, PC, smartphone) an audience simply types in the short website link (or use the app and type in a code) to go to the specific poll. There you can simply respond and results are posted live! Presenters can save results, lock answers, and so much more. The polls can feature multiple types of questions as well. Multiple choice, click an image type, as well as free response. Everything runs really smoothly. I have used this to teach a lesson on probability already and the students loved it! They didn’t even know they were being assessed since they probably couldn’t get over the fact they could use their phones in class without getting in trouble!

Here is a tutorial video if my blog post caught your attention.


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