Fellow Bloggers! I learn from you too!

In this post I try to give credit where credit is due and give a shoutout to things I have learned from fellow blog posters. I picked the three best things I learned and a link to their blogs so you can check out what they had to say.

1. Need a must have extension? The Easy-Bib extension is marvelous! Citations are necessary because we must acknowledge and give credit for the work and thoughts we use. Back in the day I remember still having to crack open a book, look at a template and find the information I needed followed by formatting it properly. Easy Bib does that all for you with one click. It’s amazing it usually finds all of the information for you and automatically plugs it in for you! Thanks Heather for the tip! Read more on her blog! http://mathed-adventure.weebly.com/

2. Another fellow student talked about eco-consciousness and brilliantly laid out his thoughts and opinions about it. I never really thought about how much we waste and how much we can save doing simple things. He mentions that he wants to start a green-initiative. Essentially, what if schools simply stopped printing paper and did things more electronically? It made me think. This could easily be done. Students could access their files from a source online and download documents. Worst case scenario students could scan homework and email it. It would be possible to go completely paperless! Think about how much paper you would save! SO MANY TREES!! Good talk Jon Brumm. I salute you. https://jonedublog.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/eco-brain-picker/

3. My last shout out goes to Keri Treml. I learned about a cool website from her blog. Todaysmeet.com. According to Keri, “Todaysmeet is a free online discussion tool used in classrooms to make sure everybody’s voices and opinions are heard. Teachers can open and name “a room” and choose how long it is active for (a week, a day, or even a year). All students need is the name of the room and a web browsing device such as a smart phone, iPad or computer to join the discussion. In the URL they simply type http://www.todaysmeet.com/room name. Students can join the discussion using their real name or an anonymous nickname.” Pretty amazing if you ask me. What an inclusive tool! Instead of forcing students to participate and talk, this allows all students to participate (anonymously) and give their responses and thoughts. Shout out to Keri and her blog! http://keritreml.weebly.com/blog


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