Flipped out! Tools to flipping your classroom!

Flipping the classroom has become increasingly popular. For those that don’t know what it is, it simply means having instruction outside of the classroom and class time usually becomes structured work time. There will be two tools I will discuss that will help a teacher get started with flipping the classroom.

1. Screencastify. A google chrome extension that allows you to take a video of your screen. This is especially a bonus if you have a tablet PC. You can record all of your lectures as you write and make your work easier! The extension also features recording of audio so you won’t have to record a narration separately!

2. Edmodo.com is a great tool to use with flipped classrooms. Edmodo is a classroom management platform designed to facilitate learning in all directions. By that I mean it lets students ask questions to other students, teacher to student, parent to teacher, etc. In Edmodo you can create quizzes, send alerts, and manage a lot of your classroom. The online quizzes is the key thing here because students will be students (and adults aren’t any different) and getting the students to watch the lecture videos will take some motivation. That’s why quizzes after each video are a must in my opinion. If students aren’t watching the videos, your flipped classroom will flop. Not just flop. Crash and burn. And then students will complain that their grade stinks and you didn’t teach at all. (End off tangent rant).


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